How Bitcoin Weekly Lotteries Work?

The Bitcoin lottery generally works like Mega Millions or Powerball lotteries do: the players have to buy the ticket in a hope of hitting the jackpot. Difference is you may select to have the jackpot paid out at Bitcoins in place of cash. Suppose you believe that the cryptocurrency prices may continue to increase, hitting the Bitcoin jackpot will be highly valuable than getting similar dollar amount in the cash.

weekly lottery

Chance to Win Big

There are some websites online that offer weekly lottery to the players. In order to play, you will have to pay certain amount per ticket (and get the discounts for purchasing in a lot). You can pick 6 different numbers from 1 to 49 or use Quick Pick option for having numbers selected randomly for you.   Odds of winning jackpot are quite low, so around 20 times tough to win (although, Powerball jackpots will be larger). Like with most of the lotteries, the prizes get split among the tickets with correct numbers. Suppose you are wondering if it is the scam, prizes will be awarded regularly (of course, chances of winning are quite long). Make sure the company has got the insurance policy, which pays out while winning numbers are chosen and ticket prices cover cost of its insurance premiums.


If you’re nervous of dealing with the cryptocurrency and suppose you win Bitcoin lottery, then you do not have to be. Because this website assures that they can help Tier 1 & Tier 2 winners to set up the Bitcoin wallet in case they want one.